My Shangri-la

Trav’lling somewhere in time the experience of a lifetime, sublime. With stories of day to day lives painstakingly woven to imbue, positive vibes. Of tales made extr’ordinary and powerful of adventure in every page, a pleasure. Where shaped meticulously in narratives, the journey’s end, a colourful descriptive. I revel in idyllic past my dream destination,... Continue Reading →

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Fate decides, destiny happens

Song for Father

He is by nature quiet, A private person, if you will His composure is mild and gentle He takes delight in the jewels he holds dear

I You We

You are you and I am me What matters most is we agree You love me and I love you For who we are, equally.

Rapture – a Diamante

RED Vivid fiery Stimulating intoxicating thrilling Passion excitement tenderness affection Encompassing feeling entrusting Warm delicate LOVE    

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